Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Have You Checked Out All the Admission Criteria for Nursery!

admission criteria for nursery
Having a child who is just about to start nursery can be a source of both pride and tension in parents. Pride because, well, because their child is now ready to learn reading and writing, ready to take the first step in to a bright future. And tension because they can’t quite settle down on the perfect nursery school for their precious offspring. Any reputed nursery school is sure to have very stringent admission criteria. In fact, if you do have a look at all of the admission criteria for nursery, you are sure to be worried. But if you want your child to be well prepared to face those questions that admission in a play school is absolutely necessary. And also make sure that the education process does not just end with the play school. Keep the learning process going after school as well, with interesting online games.

Games like that are sure to harbor the interest of your child, and he/ she can have fun while learning about different shapes, colors, animal, fruits and vegetables among others. Start them off on something easier like colors and progressively move on to numbers and alphabets. Since they would be enjoying the games, humming along to their favorite cartoon character, they are sure to learn faster and more. This early learning in life is sure to get them completely prepared for even the most stringent and strict admission criteria for nursery.


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