Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Franchise for Pre-School: Contribute to the Society

preschool franchise

Raising a child is definitely not a child’s play, especially when you embrace parenthood for the first time. A young mind is very sharp and can absorb a lot of information even if the child is unable to articulate thoughts.That’s why they say that one’s home is the first school and the mother the first teacher. Learning starts at a very initial stage and is nurtured towards a future full of possibilities. 

At Sesame Schoolhouse, we foster young minds and provide a safe and fun loving environment with a focus on creativity and learning. We bring together several streams and do not restrict ourselves to a singular approach. With a spotlight on quality, we ensure that children are looked after directly by assessing and addressing their needs and requirements.

In the pitch of early childhood education, we are setting a trend and have brought together two unique programs namely, Sesame Street Preschool for pre-primary learners aged 2-5 years, and Sesame Street After school to reinforce concepts of science and mathematics in children aged 6- 8 years.

Our mission is to transform the educational landscape in India and help children reach their highest potential. We are looking for people who are passionate like us to help create a compelling environment that can propagate learning and creativity in young minds. You can add value to the milieu around you and also use it as a medium to secure your financial needs by opting for a franchise of our preschool. You can partner with us and bring about a difference in nurturing those with whom lies the future. Make learning fun and stimulating as you showcase your talent and make a meaningful contribution to the society.


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