Thursday, 12 June 2014

Play School Admission: Keep a Few Things in Mind

Play school admission is not child’s play! If you are looking to get your toddler admitted into a reputed play school, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind for ensuring your child can get world class education. Handing over the education of your precious child in the hands of strangers is scary, but if you make sure of a few factors then your worries can be assuaged. Since there are several admission criteria for nursery schools, that a child would have to pass before getting through, it only seems fair that parents too should have a few criteria of their own.

Make sure that the course curriculum is multi-disciplinary, and the teachers are trained and experts in their fields. The teachers and trainers should also be able to encourage the inherent curiosity of the children! Children at this age are naturally curious about their surroundings, and since 90% of their brain development takes place before they reach the age of 6, it is necessary that they have the best experiences possible. The school should also be in an accessible area, away from heavy traffic and main roads, and also have ample parking space. And if they provide parent resource material, then that’s the cherry on the cake! Parent resource material not only helps you understand how much your child has learnt, but also to carry on with the learning process during holidays and after school. Play School Admission becomes easier if you think about what factors to look in when admitting your child.

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