Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Pre Nursery Admission: What a Tough Time for Parents

Although the children are, of course, under a lot of stress when it comes to leaving for school for the first time, staying away from their parents for long hours and making friends with strangers at the new school; the parents too are having a tough time. The parents are looking to get their child admission into a really good play school, so that they can have a shot at in having a really bright future. But pre nursery admission is not all that easy! There are several criteria that the schools want fulfilled, such as how much knowledge the child already has, what the social skills if the child are like and what sort of attentiveness can the child show.

When parents think about play school admission, then they need to look for a school that is near their home, away from a main road and heavy traffic, and yet have ample parking space. Preferably the school should be located in a residential area or at least in a place that is specifically designated for housing a playschool. The school should, ideally, also provide a course curriculum that covers several subjects and disciplines, making sure that overall development of the child and his overall personality take place. There should also be chances to go on day trips and outdoor excursions, since children also need to learn about their surroundings. Pre nursery admission cannot be easy since the future of the child is at stake, but keeping the above points in mind, parents are likely to find their work a little less tough.


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