Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Shape the Future by Establishing a Franchise For Play School

franchise for preschool
Since its launch in India in the year 2006, our beloved Sesame Street, has taken on many missions to educate and encourage curious young minds in the country. As children absorb and learn things so easily and quickly, their minds are like sponges, and it becomes very important to shape and mould them in the right way, for them to have the perfect future. Our children are the future of our nation and it is our rightful responsibility for ensuring that they are provided a space where their minds are given the freedom to grow into beautiful human beings. The concept of a Montessori or Pre-school was originally introduced by Maria Montessori in the mid eighteenth century.

Keeping in mind that, Sesame Street has pledged itself to carrying forward this mission and is giving out franchises for play schools, to worthy entrepreneurs. So if you would like to go ahead and join this drive to educate young minds and shape their personalities into vibrant beings, then contact the Sesame Street Preschool for details about how to start play school. We will provide you with all the knowledge that you require in order to start shaping the future, in a beautiful way. Or you could visit their website where everything is listed out in specific detail.

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