Thursday, 27 February 2014

Play School Activities For Your Precious Toddler

Experts say that by the age of 6 years, about 90% of a child’s brain has already developed. So you see how important it is to make sure that these children receive the best of education through their play school activities. An ideal playschool should assist children in appreciating as well as interacting with the diverse local culture and arts surrounding them. These schools should also encourage the natural inquisitiveness and curiosity that bubbles around in the mind of young kids. Parents must consider that if a child learns to investigate, question and reflect upon the happenings around them on their own and if those queries are answered in a the correct manner, only then can he/she perform well in all future endeavors. After all, the roots of a young sapling need to go deep down into the earth, for gathering nutrition, in order to become a strong supple tree in the coming years.

So schools offering education wrapped up in a cocoon of fun and enjoyment makes the child more attentive towards learning. Ideal play school activities include games that combine learning with fun, such as guessing games, coloring different shapes, and knowledge-based toys such as blocks. However, promoting learning can never only be all about fun, but should also be about development. As in gradual development of and changes in the play school activities as the child grows up. Schools should also understand the need of a child to play and learn outside in the fresh air, apart from sitting in a classroom and only gaining theoretical knowledge. So schools that organize trips or excursions for children are to be preferred by parents when selecting a suitable playschool for their children.


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