Friday, 13 September 2013

Child centered Preschool learning makes for easy admission on playschool

Completely child-centered and offering pre primary education to kids aged 2 – 5, a chain of preschools today are bringing together highly trained teachers, fun, collaborative projects and a vibrant environment that activates learning. These educators are ushering in a new line of global citizens built on confidence and skills and nurturing life skills that are needed to thrive.

Admission in Playschools is easier if a child goes through this initial learning process. Sound, engaging and relevant, the initial process fully prepares the kid for fulfilling the Admission Criteria for Nursery. Also, it arms the kid with physical, mental, cognitive, behavioral and emotional strength and prepares him for facing challenges later on in life.

With a syllabus that is created after intensive research and input from education and child development experts, these preschools make learning active, fun and engaging. Helping to transform the educational landscape in the country and aiding children reach their highest potential, these schools are armed with time tested strategies and well researched content. Inspiring, educating and inculcating creativity and curiosity in young minds, these schools are the best educators for toddlers.

The unique ‘age-appropriate’ approach puts kids at the center of everything and ranges from playful project based activities to an environment made for rampant imagination. This makes for well-rounded, better adjusted, socially capable and more confident kids, who are better equipped for school and life. Blending laughter and learning, these schools help instill creativity, curiosity and fundamental skills that equip children for further education as well as the world of opportunities that lie ahead.

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