Monday, 26 November 2012

Growing Trend of Pre and Play Schools in India

The number of  Preschool Franchise in India is growing at the rate of 40% annually. Preschool has become a crucial concept for both child as well as the parents. Parents, especially in urban areas, are not able to spend adequate time with their kids because of work and other pressing commitments so for them preschool becomes a necessity. For one, children get their first hand experience of education by venturing out of their comfort zone i.e. home. They start learning things through play. As Preschool Franchise has small number of kids so the teachers can focus on each child. Children develop different self-help qualities along with basic etiquette’s.

Franchise model has evolved rapidly in the preschools and playschools. The play school franchise is also very important in the initial development of a child’s life. They contribute significantly in the preliminary education of the child. The actual learning is imparted with the help of interaction with other kids, games, songs and other activities. They have well trained teachers who try to understand each and every child individually. This helps them in figuring out right requirement of a child, individually.

From Indian perspective, quality play school franchises are opening up in different parts of the country. Most of them are private schools. The fact that there is low entry barrier in this sector with relatively low numbers has further helped in attracting quality domestic as well as foreign education players to this emerging segment.


  1. Nice information . When children reach the age of three, they essentially embark upon a very crucial part of their lives. They meet people and participate in activities that will have a profound effect on them, thereby making the need for Playgroup ,preschool development even more important.

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